for macular diseases...

Μacula is the human’s eye fundus central area which is responsible for the detailed and high-resolution image we perceive through our binocular optical system.
Variable macular diseases, disorders and degenerations can occur in all ages: genetic, congenital, acquired, acute, chronic, post traumatic, metabolic, vascular, inflammatory, toxic, etc.


The most common are conditions that occur mainly in elder ages such as dry or wet type age related macular degeneration and others, associated with systemic or vascular diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy and macular edema following brunch or central retinal vein occlusion.


Nowadays, excellent innovative medical treatments are applied to these diseases through patient intravitreal injections (Anti-VEGF, Triamcinolone, Ocriplasmin) or through intravitreal implants (Dexamethasone, Fluoroquinolone). In some cases special high tech Laser treatments (Pascal, Micropulse) are applied with excellent results, too.


All of the above treatments are performed instantly or in very short application time by using simple instillation of anesthetic eye drops so patients are able to return immediately to their activities without any special precautions.


The development and effectiveness of these therapies have been facilitated by the rapid evolution of modern ophthalmological examinations through specialized technological achievements: high precision and reliability devices such as Digital Fluoroangiography (FA), Digital Angiography with Indocyanine and OCT-Angiography (OCT-Angio).