for cataract treatment...

The term cataract refers to the multifactorial opacity of the crystalline ocular lens which can be observed in all age-groups.

The most common form of cataract is due to the normal, age-dependent damage of the lens (senile cataract) and constitutes the main cause of blindness. Cataract can be completely treated with the implementation of special surgical techniques.

The modern and most commonly used surgical technique is worldwide well known as Phacoemulsification.

  • Anaesthesia is performed with instillation of topical eye drops

  • During the surgery, the doctor removes the crystalline ocular lens, through a very small peripheral incision of the cornea, using ultrasound or/and rotatory fine adjustment (micro-movement) of a specific tool-surgical device

  • Afterwards, through the same incision, the doctor implants a foldable intraocular lens, depending on the patient's refractive records

  • After the end of the surgery the doctor instills eye drops and the patient leaves the clinic with instructions and medication, which include the instillation of eye drops for the next 20-30 days

  • The first post-operative examination is performed in the doctor’s practice the day following surgery